Cuisinart CPK-17 Cordless Electric Kettle review

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Kettle

Review Overview Of The Cordless Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

Cuisinart CPK 17 review Kettle

Whether you love coffee or tea, having a great kettle is extremely important. The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp is a great little cordless electric kettle for both the tea and coffee aficionado.

The kettle goes beyond just boiling water, instead it heats water to the exact temperature needed for optimal brewing. If you like to drink delicate teas, use a French press or pour over coffee brewer, the PerfecTemp kettle is a definite contender in the electric kettle arena. Not to even mention, it will look great in just about any style kitchen.


  • Capacity: 57.50 ounce /1.7 liter
  • Settings: Preset single button push temperatures
  1. 160°F
  2. 175°F
  3. 185°F
  4. 90°F
  5. 200°F
  6. 212°F (For Boiling
  7. 200°F (For Coffee – French Press, Pour Over etc.)
  • Weight: 4 Pounds
  • Size: 8.80″ x 6.10″ x 9.75″
  • 1500 watt concealed heating element
  • Limited 3-year/36-month warranty
  • BPA Free


  • Kettles memory, will not forget its place in the brew when off base for less then 2 min.
  • Removable Filter
  • Quick heat-up time (depending on setting) and 30-minute Keep Warm
  • Auto timed off with boil out/empty brewing protection
  • Fully Cordless with Base
  • Cool Grab handlesThe Cordless kettle Cuisinart

Features We Love From The CPK-17

You wouldn’t think that an electric kettle could have any earth shattering features, but Cuisinart’s CPK-17 does just that. Its preset heating settings, washable filter, and all around stainless steel really makes this kettle stand out. But puts near the must have category is the fact that you gain the convenience of a cordless.

The Freedom of The Cordless Kettle

Really… if you are a kettle user already, and have not stepped up to a cordless kettle, please give it a shot, even if you decided the CPK-17 may not be for you, at least have a look a few different cordless Kettles, and give it some serious consideration. It’s a whole new world of kettles out there.

6 Preset Heating SettingsCuisinart kettle CPK-17C

Different types of tea leaves need to be steeped at different temperature water. If you use a regular stove-top kettle or basic electric kettle that means boiling the water and letting it cool to the optimal temperature.

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp, instead, has preset temperature settings. If you want to brew green tea, you can easily set the kettle to 175 degrees F to get the optimal temperature for green tea.

Similarly, you should never use boiling water in a French press, with the CPK-17 kettle you can set the temperature to 200 degrees F and get the right temperature for a French press brew.

Removable / Washable Filter

The more you use your kettle, the more “scale” will usually begin to build up, and unoriginality with this model our review found that it in fact did quickly. This is an unavoidable outcome that results from sediments and chemicals in the water and happens for to kettles.

The difference is that the Cuisinart kettle has a removable filter that you can easily wash and clear away the scale. Although it seems like a relatively small feature, it’s an often-overlooked one.

Stainless Steel

Similar to the removable filter, finding a kettle that is fully stainless steel is extremely important. Scale will build up on the kettle itself, as well as the filter.

With a stainless steel kettle, you can easily remove the scale build up using vinegar and water.

Pro’s & Con’s of Cuisinart’s “CPK-17 PerfecTemp” Electric Kettle

– Con’s of The PerfecTemp –

Although the CPK-17 has some great features and is an all-around great electric kettle there were some minor issues we had with the kettle that Cuisinart probably should have addressed, though none would be considered deal killers, there just a few things to take note of.

Slightly Pricey

The first issue we had with the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp is its price: it’s on the high-end. If you’re really serious about brewing tea and/or coffees, it’s worth the investment since its features definitely explain the price.

But if you’re just a beginner or don’t brew specialty teas very often, it might not be justifiable to spend the money on a high-end electric kettle.


Scale Builds Up Quickly

Secondly, because it’s stainless steel scale begins to build up very quickly. It’s also pretty noticeable (within the kettle, not on the outside).

Thankfully, this isn’t a huge problem because of easy it is to clean the scale build up. Using a little vinegar and water, most of the scale comes right off.

–  Pro’s Of The PerfecTemp –

Cuisinart really has a great electric kettle in this model(CPK17). It had a number of features found during our review that made us really stop and take notice,the cordless kettle aspect (by no means exclusive to Cuisinart) was a really strong buying point for me, but even beyond that there were a few all around positives that we loved.

Looks Great

Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle The Cuisinart PerfecTemp really looks great. Its stainless steel look is extremely sleek and it’s base blends in perfectly with the kettle.

Also, the blue LED lights make the CPK-17 look extremely high-tech and special.

Easy to Clean

Between the removable filter and full stainless steel body, the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp is extremely easy to clean. With a kettle that builds up scale this is a really important feature to consider.

If you live in an area with hard water or use unfiltered water, the ease of cleaning the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp will be a huge boon.

Intelligent Heating

The preset heating settings and memory make the PerfecTemp awesome. Quickly setting the temperature of the water and forgetting about it is a really useful feature and one that is sure to get used a lot.

Final Thoughts

Overall our review of the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp found it to be an amazing electric kettle. It is slightly expensive, but it makes up for the price with great features and ease of cleaning.

If you’re someone that uses their kettle a lot, brews different types of teas, uses a French press, or just likes having a really high-tech kettle, this Cuisinart may be a perfect fit for you.

Cuisinart CPK-17 Cordless Electric Kettle

Cuisinart CPK-17 Cordless Electric Kettle



    Construction Quality


      Convenience/Ease of Use







            • Cordless
            • Quick heat-up time
            • Removable Filter
            • Stainless Steel
            • Preset Heating Settings


            • Pricey
            • Scale Builds

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