CBTL Kaldi S04 Review

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer Review

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup BrewerThe CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer is the perfect coffee machine for those who make a variety

of different types of hot beverages and don’t want to own an individual machine for each. You wouldn’t guess it from the size of the machine, but the use options are endless. Whether you’re interested in making espresso, a hot cup of coffee, a creamy cup of hot cocoa, or a spot of English tea, there are CBTL capsules to suit your needs. Visually, this machine offers a contemporary design and comes in a variety of warm and robust colors. In terms of operation, it’s incredible easy and quick to use making it ideal for the modern family constantly on the go.


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Table of Contents
1. Features
2. Design and Color Options
3. Dimensions
4. Consumer Reviews
5. Pros and Cons
6. Price

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer Features

The Dual Pressure System

Probably the greatest feature of the CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer is that offers a unique twin pressure system that delivers 3 1/2 bars of pressure at its low setting or 15 bars at its high setting. If you are an espresso drinker, this could make a huge difference in flavor. Setting the pressure to 15 bars captures the best aroma, texture and flavor to make a perfect cup of espresso. The low setting of 3 1/2 bars is ideal for coffee and tea – allowing the flavors to develop naturally.

Beverage Variety

As mentioned previously, this machine is more than just a coffee maker. It can effectively make espresso, capucchino, hot cocoa and hot tea as well. Given that the machine is capable of brewing a different type of beverage and different flavor with a simple switch of a capsule, this machine is ideal for those that entertain a lot, or for people with busy lives and large families. Each capsule contains the very best ingredients, including the world’s best coffee blends and hand-plicked whole leaf teas.

Simple to Use

Simplicity of use is a quality that all one cup coffee makers have, but it’s still worth mentioning.

The CBTL Kaldi S04 takes CBTL capsules. Just pop one in, select the button that indicates your cup size and watch it brew! In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a freshly brewed beverage without the waste of a multi-cup machine.

Design and Color Options

Kaldi S04 designThe design of the Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer is probably best described as “fun” and “modern”. The machine showcases some beautiful curves and is available in white, red or blue accented with shiny chrome. (It seriously reminds me of something the Jetsons might have on their counter.)

I think what I like most about the design is that it doesn’t take up much space. I like how CBTL designed it with the water tank in the rear of the machine and am impressed that as little as it is, there is room within it to hold up to 12 used capsules.



  • 16″ x 8″ x 8″
  • Weight: 13 lb.

The small size and sleek design of the Kaldi S04 allows it to take up little space.

Consumer Reviews

…I had little to complain about UNTIL i went into a coffee bean location to purchase something before work (to be frank I don’t enjoy their in store coffee and was there due to limited options). They had a demo CBTL KALDI S04 for customers to sample SO instead of ordering a coffee I decided I would try the machine first and if it was miserable then I would purchase my typical americano from the cashier.

Well I can only tell you I was STUNNED… (read more here: CBTL Kaldi Single Cup Brewer Review

We love this machine. I used to make a pot of coffee each morning, and then throw half of it out. Now I just brew what I need. And I like my coffee darker while my wife likes it lighter, so we each can make our own individual cups of coffee to our liking. (read more here: CBTL Kaldi Single Cup Brewer Review

Amazon Rating: 4.2

Pros and Cons


  • The size. This machine doesn’t take up much space as compared to other brands.Easy to clean. Just remove the hidden compartment that captures used capsules and toss them away. The compartment is dishwasher safe, as is the drip tray.
  • Fresh coffee every time. Unlike multi-cup coffee brewers, the Kaldi brews a fresh cup anytime, every time.Buttons aren’t complicated. There are just 3 buttons on this machine that indicate the size of the cup you wish to brew. Pick one and you’re done.


  • The water reservoir size. Since this unit is smaller than competitor brands, the water resevoir is much smaller as well. It will need to be filled more frenquently.
  • Doesn’t take K-cups. The Kaldi can only take CBTL capsules meaning less of a selection of coffees, teas, hot chocolates and more to choose from. CBTL is not yet a big name in the coffee maker market, so it will be interesting to see if they can compete with K-cup brewer makers.
  • One consistent complaint among Kaldi owners is the beeping. The machine beeps when your cup is finished brewing and also when the water starts to get low.

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer Price

The price of the CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer varies depending on where you buy it but Amazon tends to have decent pricing and offers you the ability to comparison shop for free shipping offers.

CBTL Kaldi S04

CBTL Kaldi S04



    Construction Quality


      Convenience/Ease of Use







            • Fresh coffee every time
            • doesn’t take up much space
            • Easy to clean


            • water reservoir size
            • Doesn’t take K-cups
            • The machine beeps

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