The Bunn Trifecta MB (Micro Brew) review

The Bunn Trifecta MB (Micro Brew)

The Bunn Trifecta MB Review

bunn mb micro brew reviewThe Trifecta MB is Bunn‘s creation. The Trifecta (commercial version) was created to brew one cup of coffee at a time in a coffee shop setting. This at home version hopes to capitalize on the growing at home specialty coffee market.
People everywhere are starting to wake up to what good coffee should taste like. People’s needs are changing whilst raising their expectation of 2 things:

1) Coffee’s flavor

2) Ease of use.

It seems Bunn created this machine to fill those two needs.

In this review I will be going over the Trifecta’s MB Micro Brew settings and performance. In each category I will first list what the machine is designed to do and in the following paragraph I will list my opinion of how it performed in that category.
While this product does brew tea as well for the purposes of this review we will be sticking to its performance with coffee. (Tea coming in the future…)

Before I start breaking down all it’s setting I have to say that this machine is beautiful and looks great on our counter at home.
It’s sleek design and clean rounded lines make this machine simple yet beautiful. Ok, give me some time to try to stop drooling before the official review.

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Brew Settings

Turbulence Cycle

The Trifecta MB has 5 different Turbulence settings:

(A) Setting is the lowest,

(E) Setting is the highest.

The goal of turbulence is to add more acidity if the setting is lower and to add sweetness if the setting is higher. It attempts to accomplish this by infusing air into the brew chamber.
The optimum setting for the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity will differ based upon the coffee that being brewed and of course the person enjoying it.

Turbulence Performance

bunn trifecta turbulance The Bunn Trifecta Micro Brew system (TMB) setting really does effect a coffee’s flavor profile. The only thing I did not expect was how much it would amplify negative flavors as well. If a coffee has a really intense charcoal or tobacco flavor the MB will amplify those flavors. However, I do not think that this is a draw back.

The machine is only giving more of what the coffee actually has to offer. The Trifecta is not going to fix or ruin a coffee but highlight what the coffee itself has to offer.

Infusion Time

Infusion Time controls how long a coffee or tea will brew. There are 5 infusion time settings, 3 of which were designed for brewing coffee. The main thing effected by infusion time should be the coffee’s body (40 seconds less body, 50 seconds more body).

Infusion Time Performance

Infusion Time does what it says. If the setting is on 40 seconds the coffee has less body, if the setting is on 50 the coffee has more. I have not had a coffee benefits from being on the 40 second setting.

Every coffee I have brewed so far has benefited most from a minimum setting of 45 seconds on Infusion Time.

Optimum Brew Setting

Bunn Trifecta MB Review brew controlsThe combination of turbulence and infusion will play a role in overall body and flavor. The optimum setting for most coffees has been Turbulence Cycle: 3, Infusion Time: 50 seconds

The Micro Brews Maintenance

Owning a Trifecta MB is like owning an Espresso Machine. Like an espresso machine, the TMB requires careful use and regular maintenance.

This category really deserves its own post. The maintenance task I have spent the most time doing is cleaning the check valve. The check valve is the part that regulates when the coffee being released into the cup. If the check valve has any grounds caught inside of it will leak during the brewing process and will no allow pressure to build in the chamber properly.

The effect is an under-extracted coffee and water remaining in the chamber at the end of the brewing cycle. (We have a tutorial on how to fix and clean the check valve.)

Bunn Trifecta Micro Brew Review Summary

In reviewing the trifecta mb I have come to believe that this machine is perfect coffee geek looking to go to the next level. Much like an espresso machine or a coffee roaster it provides you with a sense that you are deepening your commitment to brewing awesome tasting coffee at home.
In the opening paragraph to this post I stated that this product was attempting to help with two things:

1) Coffee Flavor (Optimizing and Highlighting)

One this is for sure this machine definitely helps you in the optimizing coffee flavor category. The plain and simple fact is it does was it says it does. It brews really excellence tasting coffee, if the coffee is excellent tasting to start with. The Trifecta Micro Brewing system gets a 10 out of 10 for optimizing coffee flavor.

2) Ease of use

On a day-to-day basis the trifecta is extremely easy to use. This played a huge factor in its prominent position on our kitchen counter at home. Like an espresso machine, the only downside to this machine is the weekly maintenance. This makes it undesirable for someone who has little to no desire to spend time tinkering about with toothpicks and bowls of water. The TrifectaMB gets a 7 out of 10 for ease of use.

In conclusion this machine is a coffee geeks dream. I highly recommend this machine for anyone that would like to take their coffee brewing to the next level. The Bunn Trifecta’s beautiful design and consistency in brewing great coffee earn it the highest rating a coffee maker that we have reviewed.

One of the more interesting aspects to this machine are the options available to the user in regards to turbulence and total immersion time. We will look at these aspects, how they affect the flavor of the coffee and more in the next section

Bunn trifecta microbrew test

Bunn Trifecta MB Review controlsI had the chance to try coffee from the Bunn trifecta micro brew which is Bunn’s home version of their commercial trifecta coffee machine. The trifecta is thought of as Bunn’s answer to the Clover coffee machine. So in a way this machine is a regular consumers chance to have a “Clover caliber machine” in the comfort of their own home. The real question is does it provide a good tasting coffee brew? This I have to find out for myself.

Trifecta Coffee Taste Test

The trifecta has a setting on it called Turbulence. The purpose of turbulence, according to Chuck (in the video), is to either increase sweetness or acidity in the cup of coffee based upon which setting you choose.
Acidity will be at is highest when turbulence is at it’s lowest setting. Sweetness will be at it’s highest when turbulence is at it’s highest setting. In the episode above we brewed a 12 oz cup of El Salvador coffee at the lowest turbulence setting and then another at the highest to see if we could discern a noticeable difference in the acidity and sweetness.

Coffee Tasting Results

micro brew Trifecta MB Review controlsThe results of doing this tasting were quite exciting. When I took a sip of the coffee brewed in the trifecta at the lowest setting, of turbulence, my tongue was struck with acidity that bubbled around on my tongue.
This setting brought out citrus notes that tingled my tongue like a spa bubbling. When I took a slurp of the coffee brewed in the trifecta at the highest setting, of turbulence, my tongue was struck with sweetness. This setting brought out cherry notes.

P.S. It brews to tea also.

Trifecta MB Score

9 out of 10

Functionality: 9

Esthetics : 10

Ease of Use: 7

Quality: 10

Value: 8

Bunn Trifecta MB Review controls

Bunn Trifecta MB Review controls



    Construction Quality


      Convenience/Ease of Use








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