the Designer Coffee Makers

The Art Of Designer Coffee Makers

Until a few years ago, if we were asked about coffee makers, we could barely name a couple of them. For most, the traditional peculator or the classic Mr. Coffee style dip coffee makers reigned at home, and in the coffee shops, the espresso machine occupied the throne. Nowadays with a spreading coffee culture, home aficionados, coffee shops, and even restaurants are exploring the new coffee universes, offering other alternatives to enjoy a coffee. It is no longer just a simple cup, it seeks to offer an authentic experience. Cordless coffee makers are making their way into the market. Aeropress and Chemex are probably the best known. But what about the coffee pots that leave us absorbed just by looking at them? Welcome to the world of designer coffee makers!

Today we bring you a selection of 3 coffee makers that, as well as the cup of coffee produced, they draw attention to the design. The Iikone coffee maker uses the filtering system, AKMA the cold drip and the ES3 uses the pressure to prepare an espresso. 3 coffee makers, 3 designs, 3 ways to make a coffee.

Iikone Coffee Brewer

This metallic coffee machine is the work of Polish industrialist Bartosz Garliński. Its stylized stainless steel legs seem to leave the filter suspended in the air making the time to prepare a coffee turn into a spectacle in itself. At the top is placed a sturdy stainless steel ring that will be responsible for getting the filter tight after the hot water has been poured on the ground coffee.

IIKONE Designer Coffee brewer

iikone coffee maker black


Iikone is compatible with both the paper filters and the stainless steel filters that are usually used with the Chemex coffee machine. The coffee maker, which as can be seen in the photo, is somewhat large, it comes packaged in a elegant wooden box. A true artisan coffee maker they are produced one at a time, no two are exactly alike. The IIkone is around $ 850.

iikone coffee maker black

Dutch Lab’s AKMA 3000 & Steampunk Edition’s

Just on first glance who would tell you that this disturbing device can make coffee. AKMA boasts a “devilish” design and is part of the ” steampunk” family of coffee makers.
Dutch Lab STEAMPUNK coffee brewer EDITION AKMA 3000 and Saint Akma

This work of  coffee engineering has a tank of 3 liters of water, 3 deposits for ground coffee (100 to 150 grams) and three glass jars where the coffee is dripping. Its aluminum skeleton makes it resistant and borosilicate glass allows it to withstand high temperatures. An avant-garde design that imposes nothing more.

With gravity as an ally and time as a waiting partner, this coffee machine is capable of preparing up to 3 liters of coffee using the cold drip system. Of course, she is not a friend of the rush. If you want to have coffee ready in the morning, let her prepare it at night before going to bed. And if you’re wondering how much this devilish maker can cost you, well it’s not cheap, though works of original and beautiful art never are. Its price reaches $5,200 with the other brewers in the steampunk line ranging from $4100-$7200. And if that’s no problem for pocket, I hope you also have room for it at home.Dutch Lab STEAMPUNK EDITION Gothicism and Basic
Seoul, South Korea

Strietman’s ES3

The Dutch Strietman have been responsible for giving life to this coffee maker that perfectly combines minimalist design and craftsmanship. Unlike the previous two, the Strietman espresso machine ES3 has been designed to prepare an espresso easily and quickly and without taking up much space in the kitchen.

Strietman es3 Designer Coffee Maker

Another one of the differences with respect to the previous ones is that this yes is connected to the electricity to get to heat the water. In addition, it has a thermostat that allows regulating the temperature.

Designer Coffee Maker Strietman es3 porta filter

Strietman es3 drip

The materials used have been copper and birch. Using the lever technique, invented in 1945, and with a simple pressure management, the ES3 is able to prepare an espresso in a few seconds. Its price is close to $ 1,700.
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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