Recipe: How To Make Traditional Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee

Occasionally…actually scratch that. Often, the capn’ and crew will wake up with hangovers. Too much rum will do that. This recipe is a dead bang way to clear out the fog that plagues ’em. Mind you, this may not always be an option, depending on supplies, but it’s always a good idea to keep coffee in yer store. This recipe makes three cups, but depending on yer crew, ye may need to repeat it, but ONLY make 3 cups at a time…larger amounts do not make the process quicker, it just makes the coffee weaker.

greek coffee recipet

Traditional Greek Coffee

Tools needed:
1- Briki - this is a tall thin tube of a pot with a long handle.
3- coffee cups.
1- small fire pit with a grate over top to set the briki on.
Servings 3


1 Cup - Ground Coffee - Preferably Greek coffee, which can be acquired from any meditteranean merchant, but the inferior columbian or irish variety will do. The swiss kind is no good AT ALL as it just puts ye to sleep. The cup measure is based on the size of the cups its being served in.

3 Cups - decently fresh water for the number of cups ye intend ta make.

1 bag - sugar. to be added to the cofee as ye like it.

1 bottle - ouzo (optional but sometimes necessary)


1) Greek coffee is easy to make. First, measure the required cups of water into the briki. Again, DON't make more than 3 cups at a time! So put only 3 cups of water into the briki.

2) Greek coffee can be made in four different ways:

Sketos: without sugar, strong and bitter - This one is fer the crew in the doghouse

Metrios: medium, usually with one teaspoonful of sugar

Glykys or vari glykos: almost honey-sweet

Glykys vrastos: sweet but boiled more then once so it loses most of its froth. - This one is fer the capn'...cause he don't want to look silly no more than ye want him to...a frothy mustache'll get ye lashed depending on yer capn'.

So measure and add into the briki the coffee, a teaspoonful of coffee per cup, and the sugar.

For a medium coffee the best bet is to add the same amount of sugar as coffee.

3) Put the briki over the heat and stir its contents a little with yer wooden spoon, until the coffee is diluted in the water.

4) Hold the briki by the handle all the time 'cause it boils so quickly and spills everywhere, yer liable to be seeing the good Dr. with his "special burn linament" which does NOT help with pain.

5) Watch it starting to rise with a bubbly foam. Let it rise - and don't panic! - until it reaches the lips of the briki and then immediately withdraw from the heat.

6) Once the coffee has been made, let it stand for a minute to allow the coffee grounds to settle at the bottom of the briki. Pour a little in each cup, to distribute the froth in all the cups. Then proceed and just fill them up to the brim.


greek coffee recipeGreek coffee is never stirred once it has been made and served and is drunk slowly. Serve it together with a glass of ouzo, neat, for those heavy hangovers that need a little extra relief. Ye can spot those hangovers ’cause when they have those, they mumble instead of talk. Just have ’em down the ouzo, then drink the coffee as usual.


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