Ghetto Latte

Ghetto Latte

When I first heard the term, ghetto latte, I was thinking that it must be a recipe for a wonderful new latte. I could just imagine all the ingredients that would go into it. It wouldn’t just be a latte, it would be a latte that is filled with a number of different flavors. It brought to mind, the messy ice cream cakes, which is a medley of cake, chocolate, ice cream and cookies. Something that would seem completely disgusting when you first see it but one bite, or in this case on sip, would have you an avid fan of the concoction.

Of course, my imagination ran away with me and instead of being the next best thing in coffee beverages, a ghetto latte is something completely different and it isn’t really anything new. They are very easy to make and they are a cheap way to have a good latte. Of course, this coffee recipe is for an iced latte so if you don’t like iced coffee drinks, you probably won’t like this one.

The Traditional Ghetto Latte:

When you make your ghetto latte, you will first need to go to any coffee shop. Walk up to the order counter and order a “Double shot espresso over ice.” That’s it. Don’t ask for sugar, cream, foam or anything else with it, just plain old espresso.

I bet at this point you are wondering how you get a latte with a double shot espresso over ice but this is the secret step of making a ghetto latte. Now that you have your espresso in hand, walk over to the condiment counter; you know the spot where you can add your own cream and sugar.

Pour out about half your ice, you will probably want to do this as you are mixing so you don’t lose any espresso but you can do it now as well. Now that you have room in your cup, use the milk or cream that is offered at the condiment counter and pour it over the espresso.

And voila, you not only have a fresh latte, but you have an authentic ghetto latte to enjoy.

making the Ghetto LatteMix up the ghetto:

In case you aren’t aware of it, you can play around with your ghetto latte and mix it up. Instead of using espresso and cream, use coffee and hot chocolate or you can use flavored creamers to add a spiced flavor to your drink. Really, the only limit you have in making a ghetto latte is in the selection of supplies offered at the condiment counter.

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