How to Avoid Heartburn Caused By Coffee

By Glenn / November 8, 2012

Heartburn Caused By Coffee and It How to Avoid

Coffee Beans piled up in the shape of a heart. You really need to fully experience heartburn caused by coffee to truly understand the discomfort. Passionate Coffee fans who are familiar with this condition actually face a real catch 22 situation and ask do they sacrifice the enjoyment of great tasting coffee in order to avoid heartburn?

Drinking coffee is now a massive piece of our cultural and social make up, and you’ll see that nearly everybody happens to be regularly consuming the beverage throughout the day at work, in coffee shops and takeaway versions while walking along the street and malls.

If you really enjoy the coffee drinking lifestyle then it does become rather difficult to eliminate this habit from your diet altogether. A perfect example is at the office where the alluring aroma coming from the direction of the coffee machine can be too hard to resist and we talk ourselves into thinking that just a single cup is not going to hurt that much.

A little time later and the regret kicks in as heartburn rears its ugly head.

What causes heartburn & What Part Does Coffee Play?

Heartburn is due largely to stomach acid making its way up and back into the esophagus. This back wash of acid will cause extreme irritation or trauma of the lining on the esophagus wall. Which causes the familiar burn sensation, which often associated with an acidic after taste in the mouth.

Caffeine is often a major trigger of this heartburn effect as it forces the stomach to make increased amounts of stomach acid, which is usually a lot more than the body really need to assist with digestion.

This overload or excessive amount of acid will then leak into the lower section of esophageal sphincter. Thus is the source of that terrible discomfort and burning sensation.

Hevla technique – making coffee drinking possible again

Many in the past thought that to enjoy coffee without heartburn would require switching over to a weaker or inferior tasting decaf version. Not so anymore.

The Hevla technique is a fairly recent solution that filters out the caffeine from regular coffee without the loss of any the flavour. It makes enjoying full taste coffee brews possible again for heartburn sufferers that have to live minus the caffeine consumption.

Heartburn Caused by coffee and how stop itHelva is a steaming process where coffee beans are steamed under extreme intense pressure. It’s through this process that caffeine is extracted from the bean via molecules bonding to the caffeine in the steam. This is all done without any effect on the flavour of the coffee which is brewed from it. So with the caffeine removed, the coffee which is consumed doesn’t trigger the excessive production of stomach acid and therefore eliminates the heartburn, while retaining the wonderful coffee taste and full aroma.

This process of Helva is really not used a lot, however it still offers a tremendous advantage commercial wise for coffee suppliers who utilise it as they’ll be able to retain of those kind of consumers who have heartburn conditions due to regular coffee but who really dislike the taste of regular decaf coffee.

Helva produced coffee is available in a wide variety of types eventually in Coffee and Heart Healthsupermarkets where you can buy coffee. This will include whole coffee beans, ground roasts, instant granules and even coffee pods for all types of single serve coffeemakers. So people suffering from coffee triggered heartburn will never have to turn away a full flavoured cup of coffee ever again!

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