Espresso Machines: Starbucks Verismo

The Verismo Espresso Machine can be a worthy buy if quick delivery of quality coffee is what you seek. It is for the comparably higher speed of service i.e. the smooth, efficient and quick delivery of the coffee drinks that the Verismo Espresso Machine is usually opted for. This is an improvement over the semi-automatic La Marzocco that has often been regarded as the best commercial espresso brand in the world. The Verismo Espresso Machines are fully automatic and they cut down on waiting time while also simplifying the process of preparing the coffee beverages.

The super automatic Verismo Espresso Machines were introduced by Starbucks in early 2000s. The excess automation, however, posed as a hurdle in the way of making ristretto shots. The machines essentially have similar features as a Schaerer Ambiente though their hopper is different. This is a fool proof choice of many Starbucks and Borders’ Seattle’s best coffee chains where baristas have not been trained properly. Only a simple set of buttons are to be pressed to enable the machine to start functioning making a big hissing noise. Apart from control over the fineness of the espresso grind there can be exerted no control over the temperature etc. while using the Verismo Espresso Machine for espresso brewing.

Adoption of the Starbucks Verismo Espresso Machines though has increased the efficiency of brewing and supplying of coffee has also, on the other hand, been causing quality deterioration as per the allegations of certain sections. The espresso delivered has been felt to be under extracted and watery. This certainly needs to be taken care of before the Verismo Espresso Machine makes a mark of distinction for itself.