Espresso Machines: Saeco

Saeco Espresso Machine manufacturer

One of the most important things that should be considered when looking for an espresso machine is the features that it offers. The Saeco espresso line is one of the best lines available with a complete array of features.


Saeco (parent company Philips) is a world renowned company known for its ability to design innovative espresso makers with products that market wants. Founded in Ital in 1981, Saeco has become a leader in espresso makers in a short time.

In Europe they are known as a leader in the coffee machine market, designing fully automatic espresso machines for both commercial and home use.

Espresso Lines

The Saeco lines of espresso machines include both automatic and manual machines. The manual machines are small, smartly designed machines that put technology to work by providing a quality espresso in a small machine.

The Aroma is Saeco’s manual coffee espresso machines designed for home use. These machines are designed of all metal and built to last. They include milk brothers that work quickly to create the perfect cappuccino and even feature hot water dispensers for making hot tea and other instant beverages.

The Aroma line features the ability to use pre-packaged pods that make espresso an easy to prepare beverage with no measuring and no mess. The Aroma line also has a cup warming surface and an easy to clean removable tray for refilling and easy cleaning.

Individuals who are looking for an automatic line of espresso machine will enjoy Saeco’s many different models. From the Odea to the Spidem Villa and in between, there are models that range from basic to top-of-the line.

The Odea is Saeco’s entry level espresso machine. The Odea Giro is one of the newest line designed by Philips Saeco for their automatic line. They feature a dial interface, a ceramic disc grinder, drip tray with manual Touch Lift technology and Optidose that adjusts the dose of coffee or espresso brewed.

Rapid Steam technology allows the redesigned steam wand to create delicious frothed milk in seconds. The Odea is available in a Orange and black and is the perfect entry level automatic espresso machine.

The Spidem Villa is the top of the line automatic espresso maker that is considered a home staple in Europe. It has all of the features of its predecessors in the automatic line along with a super easy to use interface that allows for one touch brewing.

The automatic features built into this model make preparing an espresso as simple as child’s play. The Spidem Villa can adjust the amount of water used; the amount of coffee grounds used in each espresso and even empties the pucks into a waste area. For those individuals who want the top of the line, the Spidea Villa is the espresso maker to choose.

Philip’s Saeco is fast becoming the number one name in espresso makers, not only in its home country of Europe but also in the United States.