Espresso Machines: Delonghi

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Delonghi is a familiar name among coffee and espresso aficionados, because they make great equipment at reasonable prices.

There are around a dozen espresso machine models made by Delonghi, and they range from inexpensive steam models to the luxurious super-automatic varieties. They pretty much have something for everyone, at any budget.

Part of their espresso maker lineup includes a couple of combo machines, which are part espresso maker, and part drip coffee maker. These make a very convenient package, especially for anyone with limited kitchen counter space.

The Delonghi super-automatic machines will really do it all for you. They have integrated bean grinders, so you just add the whole roasted beans. The machine will only grind exactly what you need with each brew, and even dump out the grounds when its done. Not only does it make less work for you, it means you get fresher coffee and espresso each time. Models like the Magnifica and the Perfecta are in the fully-automatic category.

If you are fond of the simpler moka pot espresso maker, they even have a model for that. With one improvement. The Delonghi moka pot is electric, and has its own heating source. The pot itself is cordless and just sits nicely on the base, rather than having to use the moka pot on a stove burner.

Most of the Delonghi espresso machines come with the milk frothing wand attachment, for making drinks like cappuccinos. Many have digital controls, and programming for delayed brewing.

Their website offers great detail on all their coffee and espresso machine products, with photos and model specifications. Handy if you are comparing the features on several different designs.

The company is Italian, and we all know that some of the best coffee and espresso products can be found in Italy. They make all kinds of kitchen and home products, not just espresso makers. Delonghi products are sold all over the world, and are often found in major department stores for easy purchase. They are sold all through the United States, at stores like Lowes, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and through