Espresso Machine Brands And Manufacturers

The Best and Most Prolific Company Brands and Manufacturers of Espresso Machine Worldwide

Below, we mention the most visible brands of espresso machine manufacturers in the world. There may be hundreds or thousands of them, but these are the most significant


Astoria machines are top sellers in North America. They are manufactured by C.M.A. Spa and distributed through sister company General Espresso Equipment Corp. See their web page:


This Portuguese company has specialized in manufacturing espresso machines and coffee makers since 1978. They are recognized worldwide for the quality of their pump espresso machines. See


Capresso has an interesting history. The company was established by Michael Kramm, former president of Krups USA. He devoted his work exclusively to the high-end coffee & espresso machine market. In 2002, Capresso USA and the Swiss company Jura created a joint venture in order to produce high-end super-automatic espresso machines. Jura Impressa S9 was born from this match. See


This company, founded in 1912 in Milan, Italy, is one of the oldest in the sector. In 1958 LaCimbali patented the automatic hydraulic group, and, two years later, the thermo-compensation system. Their most famous brand today is Dolcevita. See also


Located in Monte Carlo, Conti has been manufacturing commercial espresso machines since 1956. See


Espresso Machines: Delonghi – Deloghi has contributed to products in the areas of heating, air conditioning, house keeping, food preparation and cooking. In the coffee-making sector it is known for the Combi Machines, KG 39 and KG 30 coffee grinders, and all types of coffee makers. See


Another Milanese company, created in 1995, ECM sells on five continents. It is famous for the Giotto espresso line. See details on E C M home page.


The Fregnan Family introduced Elektra on the market more than fifty years ago. See their home page for details.


Espresso Machines: Expobar – Expobar manages to manufacture the only professional espresso machine for home use at a decent price. Their model sells at around $1,000 without loss of quality. See


The company was established by Carlo Ernesto Valente in 1945 in Milan, Italy. Today, Faema sells its appliances in 100 countries all over the world. They manufacture all kinds of espresso machines, from lever to semi-automatic. See

Francis Francis

Their machines would definitely be the winners if there were a beauty contest among espresso machines. But Francis Francis does not overlook the importance of high-quality coffee either. As far as we know, the company was first established in Switzerland by Francesco Illy, after which it opened subsidiaries all over the world. See their web page at and enjoy the beauty of the coffee world.


Espresso Machines: Gaggia – In 1938, Achiles Gaggia patented his idea for a modern, steamless, professional coffee machine that produced espresso with crema. In 1947 he established the Gaggia Company. Nowadays, all the products are manufactured in the Robecco sul Naviglio factory, in Milan, Italy. Achiles Gaggia is considered the grandfather of espresso machine manufacturers. In December 1999, the Saeco Group acquired control of Gaggia S.P.A. See


Isomac has been present on the market since 1977. The company was founded by Giovanni Fontana, and established in Mancherio, in Milan. See them for yourself at


This Swiss company produces both home and commercial espresso machines and targets the high-end user. Established in 1931, Jura can be considered one of the pioneers. Impressa F90 won the famous ‘Red Dot’ award in 2004. Also, Impressa E75 recently received firstst place in the Germany “Stiftung Warentest” list, wshich is similar to the US Consumer Reports. Their web page:


Krups (Germany) was founded in 1846 by Robert Krups. In 1970 Krups attacked the coffee-making market with its “touch of a button” espresso machines. Their home page:

La Marzocco

Established in Florence (Firenze), Italy in 1927, La Marzocco developed and patented the first horizontal boiler in 1939. See

La Pavoni

Espresso Machines: La Pavoni – La Pavoni Spa was founded in 1905 by Desiderio Pavoni. His first innovation was patented by Luigi Bezzera in 1903, the year when the first steam coffee machine was born. It was named IdealeEuropiccola (their first electric model for home use) and Professional are the best-known product lines. Also see

Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee comes from USA and produces coffee makers, burr grinders, espresso machines and accessories. However, it produces and sells solely for the US market. There is a legend circulating that the initial commercial for Mr. Coffee, featuring Joe Di Maggio, gave the business a kickstart on its road to success. See


Nespresso, a Nestleé brand is headquartered in Switzerland. Its encapsulated, portioned coffee pods meant a revolutionary breakthrough in the coffee-making industry. They produce the Nespresso Espresso Machine, which works in perfect symbiosis with Nespresso capsules. See for yourself at


Established in US, this company produces espresso machines for home, office and commercial use. Their best-selling model is Pasquini Livia 90. See


Rancilio (Italy) made its name on the market with commercial espresso machines. Rancillo’s home-use appliances are very similar to the commercial ones, with very solid and reliable whole metallic parts, and good value for the price. The Rancilio Silvia model is their “cover-girl”, and makes a good couple with Rancilio Rockyburr grinder. Take a look at


Espresso Machines: Saeco – Saeco was created in 1981 by Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schmed. In 1985 they built their first fully automatic espresso machine. In December 1999 the company reinforced its position on the market with the acquisition of Gaggia S.P.A. They are the world’s best-selling brand for the commercial sector, and the exclusive distributor for Starbucks, for which the manufacture the Estro machine. Find them at


Solis, a Swiss company, made its name known all over the world when it launched the first fully automatic espresso machine for home use. The most popular brands from this manufacturer are Solis SL-90 Crema and Solis SL-70. They’re home at


This Italian company owns over 30 patents in espresso machine manufacturing. It was founded in 1984 and produces fully automatic, combination and traditional espresso machines. Find them at

Starbucks – Verismo

Starbucks Verismo Espresso Machines – For many of us, Starbucks may sound more like the nearest coffee house than an espresso machine manufacturer. The company owns over 8,000 cafes in the world, 6,000 of which are located in the United States. They plan to open 5,000 more on American territory. While the history of Starbucks Cafes goes further on its walk of fame, Starbucks also manufactures one of the most popular espresso machines, Verismo Espresso Machine, Starbucks Barista, drip coffee brewers and French presses and grinders. See also