Coffee+Moderate noise=Creativity

Coffee + Moderate noise = Increased Creativity

We have all been there, we sit looking at a blank canvas, an empty page, or an unfinished project with the cursor of an empty text document mocking us with every blink. Yes, it’s the Creative block, and it can be an enemy, that sometimes seems unbeatable!

doing your work in coffee shopsThe lack of creativity is nothing more than barriers to inspiration, but as they start to surface, they take a toll on our performance, be it in our work or craft, it inevitability has an adverse affect our well-being.

That’s when you need strategies, there are lots techniques to get more creative, for you, it may be something different, but for me, it’s the familiar mid-afternoon setting of a bustling coffee shop. My best bursts of productivity I have found are often preceded by a slow paced walk through new community or neighborhood, taking the time to absorb my surroundings as I search for my the ideal environment to relax with a comforting coffee and ignite the spark of Creativity.

The concept of the Coffee Shop as a meeting point to share opinions and escape from the daily routine was born in the 16th century, and soon became true institutions where philosophers and intellectuals of the moment met to exchange ideas and concerns.

At present there are way too many coffee shops that have not been able to maintain the reason they were created and only offer a product, however, those who choose to maintain their initial concept set the trend by offering more than a place where you can buy a coffee, but instead provide an environment where one can come to enhance creativity and generate ideas. A good coffee shop today will offer first and foremost good coffee, along with a comfortable atmosphere, good vibes, room to work, wifi, in short, a culture to feel at ease while doing your work, study, business or just enjoy coffee with friends, coworkers, or even a casual day date.

If you are interested in topics about the relationship between coffee, creativity, and ideas I advise you to see the next video entitled “Where do good ideas come from?” its an interesting “TED talk” by the science author and media theorist Steven Johnson.

5 Key Elements to Promote Creativity

The 5 key elements to encourage creativity in creative environments are:

  • 1) Avoid Distractions. Try to think about what you are doing, think about the present, live in the now, in the now, since we are happier when our thoughts and actions coincide. If for example, you are having a coffee, relax, appreciate its intense smell, concentrate on your palate, enjoy the feelings that transmit the taste buds, if you enjoy these small moments you will be happier and you will be predisposed to the arrival of the expected creativity
  • 2) Avoid Multitasking. Multitasking is an activity that stresses the brain wasting a lot of energy, so if we want to be receptive to the muse creativity we must try to avoid it and focus on a concrete activity. To do this before starting any task you have to try to leave the mind blank and ready to focus on the new task you want to accomplish.
  • 3) Get the status of Flow. When you focus on a specific task and you finish it you feel a special satisfaction, in addition, if it has cost you effort you will receive a discharge of endorphins exponentially increasing your positive state of well-being, this experience is called by optimistic psychology as “flow”. To get the “flow” you have to be able to concentrate on the activity you want to do, forgetting everything else. When you reach this state you will get a feeling that you perfectly master what you are doing and the time during that task will pass without realizing why you are enjoying it passionately and in a state of maximum concentration.
  • 4) An environment with Moderate Noise. A year ago a study on psychology led by Ravi Mehta , University of Illinois, says that a moderate level of environmental noise (typical of cafe) stimulates creativity and the emergence of ideas, therefore the quest for total silence to do tasks Which require a concentration such as reading, writing, thinking … is no longer a good choice.
  • 5) Surround yourself with blue tones. This color conveys freshness and exploration of new possibilities, is associated with creative thinking, symbolizing air and water (sky and sea). We must try to surround ourselves with colors of this tonality as it provides us a certainty to be creative and risky

Elements to Promote CreativityCoffee Shops encourage creativity, you no longer have an excuse to be creative. And you don’t have to hit your local Starbucks, take a trip around your city and find one of your local independent coffee shops. The locally owned, noncorporate (mom & pop cafe) will offer you a culture and environment. (as well as a far superior quality of coffee that you will not find in the corporate coffee shops)

On top of that its the right thing to do, I think we hear the “shop local” so often, sometimes it stops having a meaning to us. I am not going to go off on an anti-corporate rant here, but the indie coffee shops, independent artisan coffee roasters, and really the local coffee industry at large are facing competition that is increasing exponentially from the big international brands.

The enormous chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ persistently command control of the markets worldwide, while independent coffee shops and smaller, regional chains are struggling with finding ways to hold on to at least some of their share, and break into new markets, as well.

While some companies are focused on the marketing hype behind their newest rainbow plantain-spice honey lime MochaLaccino, the independents, smaller coffee shops and cafes find themselves sticking to the basics of coffee consumption, and focusing the simple act of brewing really really consonantly good coffee and providing a sincere customer service, in an atmosphere for creativity, socializing and reflective thinking. Remember, the best way to spark creativity is to enjoy a good coffee surrounded by the ambient sound of the place.

Where do you find your creativity, if not coffee shops where do you find creativity outside of the home and work places?

Do you think coffee shops are ideal environments to generate ideas? If so give a shout out/plug for your local indie shop or roaster, tell us about them! Post them in the comments, tweets us about them, just get them seen.

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